As of 4/14/2014 Green Tech Recycling has discontinued it's Buy Back Program.

There comes a time, when such things as TV, Computer, Phone etc. outlive their progressive appearance or standard of functionality. At such times, you may still hold onto such device but perhaps you’re planning on upgrading to a newer, better model. Green Tech Recycling would like to help you offset the cost of a new device, by buying your outdated, but functional electronics with our Electronics Buy Back program.


It’s simple, convenient, fast and easy to use program.

01Feel free to browse the Buy Back Estimator for popular items like iPhones, Tablets, Notebooks and much more for an instant quote on the cost of your particular item. Devices not listed in the charts can be inquired about directly, by calling or e-mailing Green Tech Recycling and quote on your item would be provided within 24 hours.

02After you’ve made up your mind, you can carefully package your item and ship or bring it to main Green Tech Recycling facility in Cleveland, Ohio.

03Once our technician provides the necessary testing and confirms the condition, you’ll be issued a check for a quoted cost.


Buy Back ProgramGreen Tech Recycling is working very hard to make sure you receive your payment as quick as possible. By bringing your item directly to the main office in Cleveland, Ohio you will receive your check immediately, while mailing may take up to 48 business hours before your Buy Back money checks are sent out. With Green Tech Recycling you don’t have to worry about listing and selling the device on your own, answering questions, incurring all the annoying listing expenses and the time it may take. You don’t have to worry about your item being returned or a negative review from your buyer. With Green Tech Recycling you receive a firm quote and a guaranteed payment. If you live in Cleveland, Ohio and would like to get a free quote on your electronic device, choose Green Tech Recycling for a fast and easy Buy Back process. If your item is not qualified for electronics Buy Back program, you can choose to responsibly recycle it with Green Tech Recycling and help keep the environment safe.